Monday, 4 November 2013


वो नादान हैं जो कहते हैं कि मौसम बदल रहा है… ये तो किसी के आँखों की नमी है जो दुवाओं में है, हवाओं में है.... जब भी दिए जलाये, उन्हें महसूस किया है..... ये उनकी ही तो खुशबू है, जो फ़िजाओं में है...हवाओं में है.…

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


जो हमने दर्द बयाँ किया, तो वो कहते हैं वाह-वाह ... !
बड़ा ज़ोरों का तूफां है, संभलना ऐ मेरे मल्लाह ........!!!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Letter to the world's best mother from a good daughter (not d best).....!


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Dear Maa,

Thanks for being the best !!! and more sincere thanks for being mine…… as it makes my life so fine……!

I always wanted to thank you for everything u did & doing for me but I couldn’t …. as I found that mere words are so insufficient but today I can’t resist myself to write this as everyone is talking about his/her mother and their relations. We also share such a beautiful bond! Isn’t it?  So, I have to tell you lots of things…….

I clearly remember those days, when I was a kid and you had little to spent but you'd very successfully managed to made me look pretty enough by making a beautiful frock even by some old shirts of Papa. Thanks for that…….!

Even today, I remember your all of those stories and can very easily recall the tunes of your Lories. I do remember your efforts to make me understand the morals of those stories. Thanks for inculcating moral values & noble thoughts in me and initiating the making of a good human (as I think I am... :-) )….. !

I remember your hard work to make me capable in securing first rank in my classes during schooling and proud tears in your eyes. You always appreciated and inspired me. You always made me feeling myself very special even on my very small achievements. Whatever, I am today, is just because of you. Thanks for that… !

Sometimes, I wondered that how you are so strongly capable to search any file, any copy or any dress from messed up heaps of goods. I think it is your love for your children who works as an especial searchlight. Really, I am sorry for getting you on nerves on thousands of times. Love you mamma..!

During my boards or other exams I had always found you beside me during my late night studies; it not only made me awaken but your tight hugs during my ten minutes power naps used to give me so much of power, strength and confidence. I used to say, “Mummy! Kuchh yaad nahi hai...sab bhool raha hai” & you encouraged me by saying “paper dekhte hi sab yaad aa jayega”…. And really those words were so magical at that time. Thanks for that…….! I am also thankful to you for arranging my books when I left those scattered before going to exams. I am really sorry too for that……!!!

I am one among those lucky persons who have enjoyed most tasty and delicious dishes & cuisines. It is also because of you. There is a long list containing items which cannot be prepared well than of you even by any master chef. I am also thankful to you for providing me meals even on bed during my exams and being so patient when I was frustrated and rude. Please forgive me for all of my mistakes and faults.

Earlier, I was more closed to papa and was less expressive but when I started staying in hostels, I missed you so badly….. Yes, I was totally dependent on you right from my file covers to tiding of my hairs but I missed you not only because of my dependency on you but also because I love you so much and it was very difficult for me to live far from you. At that time, I realized truly, how much I love you and I was able to see your tears too even on hostel land-line phone for that we had decided the time of 5 AM as rest of the time it was very difficult to get call on that….! Thanks for being so punctual at that time…!!!

I found you to be the first person who supported me always, in each and every problem, who helped me in all my difficult situations and circumstances and believe me you, were awesome…!! You were always capable to make me come out. I know very well that undoubtedly, you are the person who loves me the most. I love you too my mamma. Thanks for giving me so much unconditional love and support and please always be there as my strongest point because even now, I am absolutely dependent on you and never want to be independent in this regard.

I am really thankful to you for being my teacher, friend and guide whatever I needed. In all forms, you are the best. I do enjoy your company too much; either its shopping or gossiping. Recently, when I saw you enjoying video games, I came to know from where I got so keen interest in crossing these levels and achieving targets on active games. Really, I enjoy this too much with Abhas and you.

I know very well that you sacrificed your life for family, for us without any complaints. Now, as I am too a mother, I can understand in a better way that how many sacrifices and efforts you made for us, for our happiness. Thanks a lot for everything Maa!!!  Really these words are absolutely insufficient to express my feelings and your greatness for me but I just want to say only this………. I love you so much Mummy! And u r the best…….!!! Thanks for being the best !!! and more sincere thanks for being mine…… as it makes my life so fine……!

                                                                                            Yours ‘Soni’ (Bhawana)

Thursday, 25 April 2013


मन में उमड़े हैं फिर बादल, सोचा कुछ आज लिखूं मैं
दिल की इन स्याह सी बातों से, कुछ पन्ने आज रंगू मैं .......

इक गहरा सन्नाटा सा छाया है मेरे अन्दर ...
कुछ प्रश्नों के पर शोर भी हैं, जो चुभते जैसे नश्तर ..
हम तो मनुष्य थे, सभ्य भी थे, सुसंस्कृत भी ..
पर अब क्यूँ बनने लगे पशु, दानव और पत्थर ...

क्या वो भूल गए, कलियों से ही खिलता है गुलशन..?
ये भी भूल गए कि हम ही करते थे कन्या पूजन ...?
बहन-बेटी जैसे शब्द तो उनको याद ही होंगे ...?
या ये भी भूल गए कि किसने
उन्हें दिया जीवन ..?

मानव जन्म मिला है , न करें कुकृत्य इसे लजाने का
उस गर्त में भी ना गिर जायें कि साहस ही न हो उठ पाने का
अब वक़्त है उन्हें चेताने का, ये सब कुछ याद दिलाने का ..
नारी का अर्थ नहीं है बस, आहत होकर सह जाने का ..


यदि नारी ममता है, तो शक्ति भी है,  वो श्रद्धा है, धरती भी है….
वो कोमल है, तो ऊर्जा भी है, यदि लक्ष्मी है, तो दुर्गा भी है….
 हे अबला !  अब सबला बन के, तुझे अपनी लाज बचाना होगा ..
आ गए कई 'महिषासुर' हैं;  'दुर्गा ' बन उन्हें मिटाना होगा ....


मन में उमड़े हैं फिर बादल, सोचा कुछ आज लिखूं मैं
दिल की इन स्याह सी बातों से, कुछ पन्ने आज रंगू मैं .......


                                               ................भावना श्रीवास्तव 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

आज प्रथम है साक्षात्कार


उसका इस बाहरी दुनिया से 
आज प्रथम है साक्षात्कार 
होना ये आवयश्क भी है 
ये ही देगा उसको आकार .......

इन बातों से अवगत भी हूँ 
उत्साह भी मेरे मन में है 
किन्तु ढेरों संशय भी हैं 
जो उठते गिरते हैं हर बार… 

प्रारंभ हुआ संघर्ष नया 
चलने का, गिर कर उठने का 
दुनिया के हर पैमाने पर ..
खुद को अब साबित करने का .

बने वो एक अच्छा इन्सान 
इस माँ का है ये आशीर्वाद .. 
उसके इस निश्छल से मन को 
सदा मिले बस प्यार ही प्यार ..

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

new resolution

अब नाविक ने ठान लिया है, नौका पार लगाने को..
वो तूफां हों, या भवँर हों वो, उनसे कह दो रुक जाने को...:-)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


कहाँ गई मनुष्य की मनुष्यता नहीं पता ...
क्यूँ हैं होड़ हर मोड़ पर, कोई मुझे भी दे बता

भागते से हैं सभी, आँख कान मींच के
साथ आत्मा नहीं, शरीर ही को खींच के ..
भावना, चेतना, संवेदना को छोड़ के ..
कहाँ ले जा के छोड़ेगा, देखें हमें ये रास्ता  ..
क्यूँ हैं होड़ हर मोड़ पर, कोई मुझे भी दे बता ..

सब कुछ है पर लगता है कम, सबको आगे ही निकलना है ..
अब रहना नहीं दिलों में, अब तो चाँद पे ही रहना है .
प्यासा भ्रमित सा नर यहाँ जिसके लिए भटक रहा .
वो लक्ष्य ही है, या कोई मरीचिका नहीं पता ......
क्यूँ हैं होड़ हर मोड़ पर, कोई मुझे भी दे बता

लगती अजीब बात है, पर सच भी तो है यही ..
बन गए मकान कितने, घर मगर घर ना रहा ..
देखा किसी को चाटते, जूठे से जब पत्तल कहीं ..
हम कर रहे विकास ये, दंभ भी अब ना रहा ..
क्यूँ हैं होड़ हर मोड़ पर, कोई मुझे भी दे बता ..

कहाँ गई मनुष्य की मनुष्यता नहीं पता ...
क्यूँ हैं होड़ हर मोड़ पर, कोई मुझे भी दे बता .....